Lee’s Custom Designs

A Design/Build Company - Log Specialty

Lee Raymond of Lee’s Custom Designs, Inc., grew up in the Missouri Ozarks. He graduated with an art degree from College of the Ozarks, a school renowned because all students work at the college to pay for their education. It was these early years that formed Lee’s incredible work ethic. He learned construction at the knees of his father, and learned log home building from working with Charles McRavan, and expert who has written several books about the construction of log homes (Lee is in one of them!).

Lee moved to Anchorage and subsequently opened Lee’s Custom Designs in 1985. Over the years, he has been involved in commercial construction, custom residential construction and remodeling, along with art. One of his art pieces is the stained glass Thunderbird at East High School. His specialty is the design and building of custom log homes as well as remote Alaska construction.

His commitment to the hands-on process has meant that he builds one to three homes, as well as handling several remodeling projects each year. All of Lee’s homes embody not only superior workmanship, but also his artistic and creative abilities. He doesn’t just build, he creates!